SCR​-​D 007 - CINQ​/​ZERO (incl. Bill Youngman and Dadub Remixes)

by Electric Indigo



While the saying goes that writing about music is like dancing about architecture, this seems to be rather unfitting when it comes to artistic works like ELECTRIC INDIGO’s release for the next installment on SCR-DARK SERIES, the techno-leaning sub-label of Berlin’s SUICIDE CIRCUS club enterprise of over 20 years of existence.

Depending from which angle you look at it, her forthcoming record is either a legit piece of artistic expression well worthy of being written about, due to her incorporation of digital bits, pieces and sound bites, ranging from fragments of granular sound synthesis to chopped-up voice recordings or spectral processing - while at the same time, it’s simply two beautiful pieces of reduced, smart and abstract club music to listen and dance to, each accompanied by a hefty remix from a couple of hand-picked fellows in the likes of Bill Youngman and Dadub. Berlin’s notorious techno stalwart BILL YOUNGMAN contributes a distinct interpretation with his slightly broken peak-time banger of a take on “Cinq”, whilst DADUB, the duo made up of two of the core artists (and mastering wizards) of the well-renowned Stroboscopic Artefacts-imprint, reconstruct the original “Zero” to a fiercely pumping, blacker-than-black monster.

Yes, we are indeed very excited about this release, obviously, and we’re really looking forward to seeing it hit the stores soon, as it turned out to be a rare case of heartfelt cooperation between like-minded souls and, first and foremost, friends, who engaged in a DIY effort to then have it culminate in an adventurous record - a kind of approach that, as another saying goes, was once referred to as True Spirit.


released January 19, 2015



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